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Conservation Education

Titli Trust supports conservation education and outreach programs in Western and Eastern Himalayas. Some of the active programs are:

Supporting the Uttarakhand Forest Department to conduct birdwatching camps
Titli Trust has conducted birdwatching camps for training people from the local community and forest staff at Binsar, Chunakhan, Sari, Nandhaur, Marchula and Munsiari in 2012 and 2013. More camps will follow in 2014. These camps are focussed on providing local communities the tools for livelihoods through bird tourism, as well as creating an awareness amongst them and forest staff about the importance of avifauna.

In February 2014, Titli Trust assisted the Uttarakhand Forest Department to organise the Uttarakhand Spring Bird Festival at Asan Conservation Reserve from 5-9 Feb. 2014.

Supporting North East Network, Chizami, Nagaland
Titli Trust has been supporting the Hoolock Gibbon Eco Club, a children's nature club established by North East Network. The activities of the the club are focussed on making the children aware of the importance of nature,
helping to conserve it, and eventually becoming change agents in their community.


Rural Children's Nature Education Program
Rural Children's Education program near Thatyur, 70 km from Mussoorie in the village of Kyari, Bangsil, Jogiyada and Bhuwan, with support from PPAMS, Bangsil, a local NGO, who we are actively supporting in capacity building, so that the program can be continued in the future .

Conservation Research and Action

Supporting community-based eco-tourism in South Garo Hills
TITLI is supporting the local community  in South Garo Hills, Meghalaya. Sanjay Sondhi, is involved in researching the area's bio-diversity, specifically birds, butterflies and herpetofauna and is the anchor in assisting the local community to initiate eco-tourism.

Lepidoptera Survey in Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, Pakke Tiger Reserve and Sessa Orchid WLS in Arunachal Pradesh
TITLI  is studying butterflies and moths in the above areas with a view to long-term monitoring and supporting the local communities in starting eco-tourism.

Visit http://www.ruffordsmallgrants.org/rsg/projects/sanjay_sondhi for more information.